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5 other server related blogs

5 other server related blogsI’m a firm believer in not putting all your eggs in one basket. Don’t get me wrong I truly appreciate if you’re reading this you have taken time out of your day to visit my blog and read what I have to say, and for that thank you! But it’s always good to get opinions and information from multiple sources.

That’s why I’m writing this post, to give you options when it comes to getting information or reading stories from other servers in the industry. These are 5 sites I came across shortly after I started writing here at howtobeagoodserver.com, and I learned a few new things myself in the process, so there’s proof that it’s good to spread out your sources.

Hopefully these sites remain active and continue to provide content, these are sites that I have been reading and visiting. Over time if these sites become inactive or no longer exist I will do my best to remember to come back to this post and either replace or remove the link. If you notice one of these sites is no longer active, please let me know through the “Contact Nathan” page.

So let’s get to these 5 other sites:

1. IamWaitress.com

Jennifer now works in fine dining, but like me, when she first started out serving tables, we both felt like we were useless (it may have been so). Also like me Jennifer educates herself constantly and has a natural desire and drive to continue to educate herself in everything that helps in this industry.

What I really like about Jennifer is that her mentality is to help other servers and restaurants be  better by providing information, and by educating them in what we should know and do in the service industry. With a strong grasp of the concept of service, this is a site that is worth checking out as a new, intermediate or experienced server.

2. Waiter Rant

The author of the books “Waiter Rant” and his newest book “Keep The Change” Steve Dublanica has been writing this blog since April 2004 and is well-known as a waiter who writes about topics from rude customers, to bad tippers, to conversations had throughout the day. There are also often posts about things occurring outside the restaurant which lead him to observations and reflections. Although he is out of the business, his blog archive has a lot of content from his days serving.

3. Tips on improving your tips

David Hayden is well known in the service industry, he is also responsible for this blog and started working in restaurants in 1995. With extensive experience in a variety of positions, the blog is filled with a lot of great information about the service industry.

Like the title of the blog states, it’s a good resource to help you make more money and give you an array of different methods to put more cash in your pockets.

4. The Bitchy Waiter

Firstly if you’re offended or dislike the use of profanity then heed my warning because there is not shortage of it on this blog. It’s a well written blog which also includes guest postings throughout. The blog began at the end of 2008 and since then has drawn attention from many curious audience members who read about the everyday experiences this server encounters on the front lines.

Check out this funny, unique and straight to the point blog for an entertaining read. Definitely one of my favorites.

5. Waiters Today

Waiters Today was created with the idea of connecting people in the restaurant industry together to share experiences, information, stories and to network.

A group of friends who were all working in fine dining came up with the idea for this site. They all began as many of us do at the bottom and have worked their way up the industry ladder.

I really like the concept and appreciate that someone has gone to the effort to build a community of like-minded people who work in the restaurant industry. Definitely a site to check out and browse through for restaurant related information and to connect with others who share the same passion we do.

So there you have it folks, a different variety of service related blogs and sites to help you further improve your skills, get an insight to the industry, and get an outlook from multiple servers.

UPDATE: Another site worth checking out is Best Restaurant Blogs by David Hayden. This is a collection of blog posts from a wide variety of service industry blogs.

Thanks for reading and if you haven’t already, head on over to the How To Be A Good Server Blog facebook page and say hello.

Catch you soon!


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  1. Thanks for providing this valubale info. i am very happy to read it, I waiting your next post.So, keep it up.

  2. So if I have two dozen eggs, how many baskets should I use? 8? 3 eggs in each maybe?

    • Nathan says:

      Besides restaurant chains, no two restaurants are identical. The reason I provide these other resources is that everything that has worked for me may not necessarily work for everyone in every type of restaurant.

      There are topics and scenarios that I have written about that don’t apply to some, whereas these other resources may have shared their experiences and skills that may translate better to certain people in the industry.

      You have to tailor your own style and incorporate skills you have learned to your scenario.

      But that is just my opinion.

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