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How to increase tips – Tip 16

How to increase tips 16With the Christmas holidays comes the busiest time for restaurants. There are work parties, people who are hungry after a long day shopping, and more families eating out. These times are great for making more money, but know that it comes from working harder.

But what happens when it’s over, and after new years, business begins to go into the “quiet” period?

After new years, generally for the months of January and February this is where your restaurant can transition from being full everyday with a wait list for hours, to a desolate dining room where the staff outnumber the guests. These months are also known as the “everything gets cleaned” months.

This time of the year is also another good reason to have a plan for “Saving your tips”

The point I’m getting to in this post on how to increase tips is to work in a restaurant that has good guest volume all year round.

The corporate restaurants out there tend to have the most solid track record for keeping some momentum after the new year (but still goes into a quieter than usual phase). It’s mainly because of branding, and the number of restaurants these corporate places have (normally with corporate chains, the reason they have become corporate chains is because they are profitable, and they are doing things that appeal to the public) and it’s because of this that they continue doing decent business through the “quiet” months.

If you take a little time to do some research before applying for serving jobs, you will have a better idea of where is busy compared to those places that may just show up on the first 10 results of craigslist. If you are not in a big rush then why not go and check out a potential restaurant you want to apply for and be a guest, this way you can get a feeling for the atmosphere, get a taste of the service, and see whether it’s busy on the day you go in (note that the busy times are Friday and Saturday nights for restaurants, so to go during these periods won’t give you an indication whether this is a busy place during off-season times).

So if you plan on making good consistent money where you work, make sure you’re in a place that has regular business, otherwise during the off-season you might feel a pinch on your budget.



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2 Comments to “How to increase tips – Tip 16”

  1. David Hayden says:

    When your income lives by retail, your income dies with retail. I recommend looking instead for restaurants with other sources of traffic for a more stable income. Hotels that cater to business travelers, convention centers, performing arts centers, etc will provide hungry guests long after the shoppers stop shopping.

  2. Nathan says:

    Great point David, Thanks for bringing this up. Having worked in a hotel I now think about how easy it was to be constantly busy. There was the restaurant, banquet events, lounge, private functions, room service, executive lounge and more for the food service staff to work in, and generally at least one of those would be busy throughout the year.

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