7 Tips on Being a Solo Content Marketing Expert With WordPress

WordPress is a gold mine for content marketers. The platform is available for free with excellent features and plug-ins to aid in your marketing campaigns. It can be used to sell goods and services with a reduced marketing budget. Are you looking for the most rewarding online writing jobs? Enroll in a website that provides a consistent supply of high paying jobs throughout the year.

Increasing attention to WordPress is making the platform extremely competitive. Still, it provides excellent opportunities for marketers to make a fortune online. Here are tips that will turn you into a solo content marketing guru on WordPress.

1. Get The Best Hosting Services Possible

A host acts like your parent or guardian. The more powerful the host it, the better your content marketing will be easier to execute. Identify a host who will provide comprehensive support and the high standards you need for your business.

Some of the risks you will be exposed to because of the hosting services you have chosen include hacking, high traffic, and features for your website. Identify hosting services that offer a comprehensive package that will enable your services to withstand the most intense challenges. Managed services are preferred because they leave you to worry about developing quality content instead of security and backup.

2. Use A Template For Your Content

The content template appears repetitive to the writer, but you will be surprised that the reader does not notice the repetition. A content template saves time so that you can focus on other activities. A template creates the consistency that will enable readers, followers, or your audience to develop a badge or identity. The stability that comes with a content template endears them to your work.

The platform offers templates for such content as ‘how-to,’ ‘tips,’ and ‘reviews,’ among others. You will be surprised to realize that the readers do not even notice that there is repetition. They are comfortable because they do not have to learn about your style fresh every day. The template also allows integration on the site so that you do not have to learn the template every time you change the computer.

3. Outsource Areas Where You Lack Expertise

WordPress content marketing gurus have a lot of issues to handle. Deciding to handle all the issues alone will deny you the time and concentration required to deliver world-class content. Use services that will take away some of the tasks from your hands to enable you to focus on the most important.

Use sharing tools like CoPromote, JustRetweet, and Viral Content Bee to increase sharing on social media. Fancy hands and Red Butler will enable you to reach out to influencers. Outsource other tasks to graphics designers and editors. You should also hire an expert to write your content. This saves time, provides variety, and helps you to concentrate on producing the most captivating content.

4. Embrace Content Curation

Share content that is generated by peers in the industry. This strategy is sometimes regarded as a lazy man approach to content marketing. However, it helps to provide variety on your website and also boost your SEO ranking. Improve the content, link inwards or outwards, and use the content to improve on your ideas. You should only ensure that all works by third parties are attributed to avoid accusations of plagiarism. It must also be done sparingly to avoid penalties by search engines for duplicate content.

5. Automate Content Distribution

Automation saves time in any industry. Employ automation in your content distribution, and the results will be magical. Use such tools as SmarterQueue, Hootsuite, and Buffer to time and automate your content distribution. These automated content distribution tools come with analytics that will give you a better idea of the performance of your content online. You can adjust the strategy to help you target specific markets better.

6. Develop And Constantly Update Your Checklist

Mistakes can be expensive and sometimes cause irreparable damages. This is why the most sensitive operations around the world come with a checklist, a tool that is used even by the most experienced professionals. A checklist ensures that you have ticked all the boxes before proceeding. It will also ensure consistency and push you to maintain the highest quality for your content all the time.

7. Learn To Repurpose Your Content

Find a way of feeding the same or different populations with similar content. The reality is that content for a phone model, for example, will be limited and, therefore, get exhausted. Repurposing helps you to go for the old content and renew it by adding other details or giving it a new angle. This will ensure that your platform has something new for visitors at all times.

Successful content marketers have a unique way of telling their stories. The unique style identifies your blog and distinguishes you from other platforms. Take advantage of the latest technology and obtain feedback from your marketing campaigns to improve your results.