Basic exercises for women: features, muscles worked

The main advantage of basic exercises for girls is its general accessibility. Although it’s not possible to build, you can instill in your body a passion for regular exercise and lose weight even at home. And although serious results in the absence of different weights and an instructor are not easy to achieve, there are options.

Not everyone who wants to join the culture of bodybuilding has the opportunity to attend gyms. In addition, not everyone wants to be watched in the process. The advantages of basic exercises at home include the fact that you can engage in at any convenient time.

Exercise selection to target upper body muscles, legs and glute

You should begin your journey to a slim and healthy body by studying basic exercises for girls. These include bodybuilding:

  • Row, the purpose of which is to work out the muscles of the back. They are performed with a barbell, dumbbells or pull-ups;
  • Presses (with a bar, push-ups, including on the bars) – for working out triceps;
  • Squats – for legs, buttocks;
  • Barbell or dumbbell presses to target of the deltoid muscles.

As you can see, not all of them require special shells. It is much more important to avoid mistakes in the providence of basic exercises for beginners.

The fact is that the local load, no matter how high they are, is inefficient. It is better to focus on exercises for the maximum number of muscle groups.

Full upper body workout at home

To train basic exercises at home at medium intensity, you will need collapsible dumbbells weighing 3 kg or more and interior items.

The first lesson includes the following basic exercises at home:

  • Ab crunch;
  • deadlift with dumbbells;
  • dumbbell bench press sitting or standing;
  • dumbbell squats
  • dips;
  • lunges with dumbbells;
  • one dumbbell row;
  • French press with dumbbell standing.

Each basic exercise for girls is performed in 3-4 sets of 10-15 repetitions.
For beginners, the basic exercise “squat” should not be performed with legs wider than the shoulders, otherwise, the exercise will turn into deadlift.

If dips are difficult, bend your knees. Lunges with dumbbells, in turn, can be alleviated by freeing one arm, complicating it by placing one foot on a stand. When performing draft in a slope at a lower point, turn the hand with the palm back.

Alternating this complex is permissible with others. Take a look at androxine review to understand: do you need in steroids help on not. On another day, the basic exercises in the gym for girls can look like this: raising legs while lying on a chair, spanning a chair with dumbbells, push-ups from the bench with a wide grip, dumbbell pull standing, pulling dumbbells in an incline, side lunges with dumbbells, side bends with a dumbbell, bending arms, standing with dumbbells, calf raise with dumbbells.

Similar training is appropriate in the case of young people, but with a large working weight. Basic weight loss exercises are the best option if you want to lose extra pounds.