Main Hacks for Productive Remote Working Teams

Main Hacks for Productive Remote Working Teams

Many people don’t realize this, but working at home as a member of a remote working team can actually create a situation for greater productivity. For some reason, most people are convinced that they will suffer from distraction after distraction while working from home, but nothing could be further from the truth. … Read more

Tipping infographic – Guest post


There are still many Americans who do not believe tipping for service is mandatory, but for most, it is certainly customary to tip when they feel like they are receiving good service.  Good service or not we need to realize that tips more often than not make up the majority of a … Read more

Resume Writing Tips and Advice (Guest post)

This guest post comes from Bekah over at From time to time it’s good to freshen up your resume, and if you’re looking to rewrite or create a resume, then head on over and check out the tips and advice there before you do. You have the option of choosing from many … Read more

A Holiday in Greece (Guest Post)

This is a guest post by a dear friend of mine Courtney. Recently Courtney went to Greece and had some great dining experiences. The reason this guest post is here today is because in my opinion, in the end, she has nailed the essence of the service industry with her story. Thanks, … Read more