Steps of Service – The Basics

a female server in a restaurant

Brilliant service at restaurants begins by knowing the steps that your guests expect. Whether you are casual table service, fine dining, or a small-town diner restaurant, your visitors come with some expectations on how they want to feel welcomed and catered. While every business has a set of procedures or guidelines they … Read more

What to Do on Your First Day

So you got hired for the job, congratulations! and it’s your first day of training. Now in most situations when you get hired you will be given a brief overview of how your training will be structured. More than likely you will start off “shadowing” another server who will teach you the … Read more

How to Get a Serving Job

So let’s go over some points of attack when it comes to you applying for a serving position. First, you should decide on what type of restaurant you want to work. Is it a cafe? a hotel restaurant? fast food joint? a pub? function or banquet venue? on a cruise ship?. You … Read more

What Makes a Good Server?

I used to work for a big franchised restaurant chain and we were doing some market research to improve guest satisfaction. This got me excited because I have my opinion of what makes a good server but this was an opportunity to find out what the market research results would show from … Read more

How I Started as a Server

My very first job was washing dishes in a small cafe in my home town in Australia. I was 13 and was more excited about having a job and not the cash I was going to make. At school, I couldn’t wait for the bell to ring so I could walk to … Read more

In the Beginning…

Welcome Well, this is the beginning and I’m so excited. I have been thinking about and planning to start this blog for quite some time but as it always seems to be we get busy in our lives and we tell ourselves that there is no time. That’s just silly. So here’s … Read more