How Difficult Is It to Be Wait Staff

A waitress in a hotel, North Korea

The restaurant business happens to be a tough one. Waiters and servers are required to be on their feet 24/7 and get everything done right. While waiters are responsible for noting orders correctly, servers on the other hand are handed the responsibility to present the dishes in the best possible manner. However, many people often … Read more

What to Look for in New Wait Staff

What to Look for in New Wait Staff

Servers, waiters, waitresses, and all related support staff are critical to the success of the food service industry.  A commercial establishment such as restaurants, cafes, bars as well as private catering need to have an excellent team of wait staff in order to meet the needs of its customers. It is critical for them to … Read more

How Servers Can Improve the Customer Dining Experience

Dining Experience

When choosing a restaurant to dine at, the type of cuisine and the quality of the food obviously plays a huge role in the decision-making process. However, what’s important for restaurant owners and staff to understand is that it goes deeper than just the food, it’s also about the customer dining experience. If a customer … Read more

What is Involved in Training a New Server?

For some people, being a waiter or a waitress at a restaurant is an easy job. What they don’t know is that these servers also undergo training to be able to enhance their skills. Trainings are important especially now that some restaurants have changed their procedure due to the advancement of technology. With this, they … Read more

What to Expect in Tips for Serving at a Banquet

The services done by banquet servers or catering servers are different from the services done by those in a restaurant. Banquet servers are informally known as cater waiters. They are servers who work for big catering events and banquets such as weddings and birthdays. Some of the main responsibilities of banquet servers and catering servers … Read more

What is the Difference Between a Server and a Host in a Restaurant?

Both hosts and servers are important in a restaurant business because they are the ones who face and attend to the customers. However, a host and a server have different responsibilities in a restaurant. To know more about the differences between a server and a host in a restaurant, we will discuss with you their … Read more

Serving with a Negative Mindset

We, as servers, should be welcoming, enthusiastic, presentable, knowledgeable, and always appear happy with a smile on our face, which can be a hard set of skills to consistently tackle every day. Another skill that isn’t always easy is to leave everything negative at the door when you walk into the restaurant. Perhaps you’ve had … Read more

Servers Are Human, We Make Mistakes

I’m sure you have heard of the saying “Nobody’s perfect”, it’s true and it definitely exists in our world today. Without getting all philosophical on you, there will be times when working in a restaurant where you will make mistakes, you will see other work colleagues make mistakes, your managers will make mistakes, and even … Read more