Problems with Management

Not that long ago I asked a question on How To Be A Good Server Blog’s facebook page and with all the responses to this question, there was one thing that a stood out among the rest. The question was: What is the biggest problem you run into at work? Now I thought … Read more

Identifying Problems

The picture attached to this post is a picture I took during a recent dinner I had with my girlfriend and her parents, I’ll explain it within this post. There are people out there that are too shy to say if something is wrong, there are people that don’t want to make … Read more

People with Allergies

It seems over the last 10 years the increase in allergies is becoming more and more prominent. I remember 10 years ago serving in restaurants and rarely encountering someone with a food allergy of any kind. Now it’s a whole new ball game, guests with allergies are becoming more common than guests … Read more

That Can Be Done Better

From restaurant to restaurant there are small differences in the ways certain things are done, like where server stations are positioned, how the coffee station is organized, how the line out back is set up, etc. The restaurant should be set up and laid out so it runs at maximum efficiency, picture … Read more

Happy Halloween

Hope you get up to at least a few shenanigans during Halloween. It’s so funny seeing how excited kids get in the streets when they walk past each other in their costumes, so entertaining. Hopefully, I have enough candy, because some of it has already gone “missing” mysteriously. For those of you … Read more

What Are Your Kitchen Times?

This should be a question that you can answer. I don’t mean what time are your kitchen’s hours of operation, I’m talking about how long everything takes to be prepared and put up for it to be taken to a table. A well-done rib-eye will obviously take longer than a club sandwich … Read more

Restaurant Health and Safety

A couple of weeks back I had brunch with a friend whom I have only known for a short time, and in that short time have had a couple of great conversations with her. She works in the public health field and on occasion is responsible for doing restaurant inspections. While we … Read more

How to Handle Being Double or Triple Sat

Hi there, I recently have had a few people emailing me with questions on how to handle being double and even triple sat. Firstly I want to make new servers aware that being double sat can be a normal occurrence and it’s not such a big deal if you know what to … Read more

Handling a Complaint

From time to time you’re going to come across guests or tables who are not satisfied with a particular aspect of their experience in your restaurant, it happens. Despite that in many situations it will eventually be dealt with by a manager, you as a server must know how to handle the … Read more

An Important Line to Use

As servers, we spend a lot of our time speaking with the guests, and I’m not just talking about taking orders and answering questions, but also small talk and conversations. If it’s busy we can get into a routine of getting straight to the point of taking orders and moving on as … Read more