What is the Open Hand Service Method for Restaurants?

Open Hand Service Method

In the dynamic and ever-evolving restaurant industry, the power of a single dining experience cannot be underestimated. Whether you are a restaurant owner, manager, server, or simply someone who is passionate about creating unforgettable dining experiences, it is important to understand that providing exceptional service is key to achieving success.  Especially in … Read more

What is the American type of table service?

American type of Table service

Are you considering a career in establishing your own restaurant? If so, have you ever thought about incorporating the American style of table service into your dining establishment? As a business owner, it’s crucial to recognize the significance of table service in enhancing the overall aesthetics of your restaurant, café, hotel, or … Read more

Benefits of Wearing Shoes for Crews

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SFC (Shoes For Crews) is a privately held safety solutions company that specializes in high-quality slip-resistant footwear. Every year, the SFC protects over 3.5 million employees in over 120,000 places of employment from slip and fall injuries. It managed to spend more than 30 years researching safety science. For the past two … Read more

Restaurant Technology for Servers

a woman sitting in a restaurant bar at the counter

As the food industry expands, customers demand faster and more efficient ways of placing orders, booking tables, and clearing payments to make their restaurant experience easier & hassle-free.  Fortunately, in these times, multiple restaurant tech solutions make serving a seamless process. The covid pandemic, in particular, has also boosted this demand; a … Read more

Life Lessons from Being a Server

A server working at the cash desk

People learn several life lessons throughout their time at work in every job. It is the same when working as a server. These life lessons include skills which help in other matters of life too. Being a server doesn’t mean that all you can learn about is how to carry trays or … Read more

7 Soft Skills That Set Apart the Best Bartenders

7 Soft Skills That Set Apart the Best Bartenders

With numerous bars and restaurants found in every city and new ones opening every now and then, you can reasonably expect the demand for bartenders to continue to rise. As such, if you have always wanted to be a master of mixology, have a flexible work schedule, meet and talk with interesting … Read more

3 Ways Tech Can Make Waitressing Easier

3 Ways Tech Can Make Waitressing Easier

Using the right POS software is a smart way to make waitressing easier. When orders are coming in hot and heavy on a Sunday afternoon customer need to be able to check out fast. Your restaurant needs to run smoothly and quickly to make the most money. New technology is changing restaurants … Read more