Reasons Why Wearable Technology Will Assist People with Disabilities

Technology is growing every day, and it introduces new ways that benefit various Communities. Wearable technology is among the most recent technology development for people with disabilities. The technology is made for individuals with disabilities because many other tech products sell to many people from various cultures. Here are some technologies that will assist people with disabilities, crafted for you by this paper writing company.

The Dot

It is a braille watch, and it tells time for people with visual disabilities and acts like smartwatches. The technology allows visually impaired people to read text messages and emails, which means that it acts as a wearable smart device. The user can connect the device to the smartphone through Bluetooth, which will help translate the text to braille.

Finger reader

The equipment uses a device with a mini camera to scrutinize and scan through images and text to provide the user audio rhetoric in time. The device can allow a blind person to have reading capabilities to some degree, and it does this by pointing it to the particular text and reading through it on each line.


The OrCam is based in Israel, and it is a company that developed smart glasses that have revolutionized the world. The glasses can pick up, diagnose and recognize products, text messages, money, and faces, which are some of the things that they can do. With this pair of glasses, a visually impaired individual can understand and know whatever element they can look at, giving them the ability to process and later respond to the same thing just the same way as an average person would. The glasses use AI, and they have got a small camera and audio transmitter.

Radar systems

Research sensor from Finland has produced and invented a wearable device that would help people having visual disabilities to have a sense of the environment to assist them in reacting to whatever or cars in the surrounding without being administered way too much. The device aims to monitor the heart, and through the use of the radar, it can pass signals and use the clothes as its conduit. The device aims to sense and understand obstacles, difficulties, and other challenges to relay to the user.

Vision enhancers

The vision enhancers are great for individuals who have a small Vision and require to escalate or Bolster their operation ways or life quality. There are various Vision enhancers, but the most famous ones got made by a company in Canada going by the name eSight. The company makes glasses by using high-definition cameras to help boost people’s Vision capability and improve their life quality.

Sound shirt

Technology got brought about to boost the life quality of individuals and also give them happiness. It was made for people with hearing disabilities. The shirt allows individuals who cannot hear music to feel it through various vibrations that the church can pick. Instead of hearing the music, they will feel it.


It is pretty similar to the sound shirt, and it allows people with hearing disabilities to feel the music instead of hearing it. The technology jewelry assortment will enable people to listen to enjoy their music with the devices picking and passing Vibrations of music in the play. The theme is compatible with Bluetooth and can always change with the temples or different music Styles. That enables the user to get an experience that is much similar to people with normal hearing.