Why Wearable Technology Keeps Coming Back

Although wearable tech sounds like an invention from recent years, humans have been inclined to show off their tech as accessories for decades. Who could forget the iconic beeper that was all rage in the late 80s? The trend seemed to have dipped in the 21st century, with technology getting smaller and smaller to be able to fit a pocket with ease. However, with the rise of larger screens on mobile devices, inventions like the Apple watch have become a staple for tech heads, but will they continue to gain in popularity?

The Convenience Of Wearable Tech

Much like a beeper, the intention of the first apple watch was a way to give people an extra reminder that someone is trying to contact them. Other features of an Apple watch include tracking your steps along with reading your heartbeat, features that promote health and well-being.

Now, with the added accessory of Bluetooth-powered Airpods, the Apple Watch can control almost all aspects of a phone (besides social media), with added additions like checking blood oxygen levels or being used as a key for your car or home. You are also able to see any notifications on an Apple watch and reply with a voice note. There’s no denying niftiness of having your tech so close to you, but is it worth it?

Who Would Benefit From Wearable Tech?

The reality of wearable tech is that it can be expensive. The latest Apple Watch costs around AU$599 and usually needs to be paired with your iPhone, while only getting the full experience when linked to Airpods. Having all this tech can be a liability, so what circumstances allow for it to be worth the hype?

The number one reason people will buy wearable tech is for health and safety purposes. Wearable tech is extremely useful when you want to leave the house without your mobile device because you are either running, exercising or need to focus on driving or walking. Wearable tech can also be great for seniors or children, as it does not need to be linked to a device at all. This way you can ensure the safety of your child or elder.

Wearable tech is also great for those who are constantly busy and have a multitude of errands, calls, emails and other notifications to keep track of. An Apple Watch can ensure nothing gets ignored and provides fast information on the go. You can even go online and play at sites like grand rush online casino. Another benefit is that, unlike a mobile device, it’s attached to you, so you won’t leave it anywhere during moments of fluster.

Is Wearable Tech Here To Stay?

Although we go through our stages with wearable technology, it’s clear that the innovation of the latest devices has a myriad of benefits that supersede that of a mobile device. This means consumers are more attracted to them, with Apple Watch sales increasing by 40% between 2019 and 2020. However, 2021 sales slowed slightly proving that people are still on the fence about the necessity for wearable tech.

However the statistics may be, Apple continues their goal to have their watches be as much of a necessity as a laptop or phone. The future holds many possibilities to propel wearable tech into something we have never seen before, but it’s all up to the consumer to decide if their older devices are simply already meeting their technology needs.