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Tipping infographic – Guest post

There are still many Americans who do not believe tipping for a service is mandatory, but for most it is certainly customary to tip when they feel like they are receiving good service.  Good service or not we need to realize that tips more often than not make up the majority of a salary for those who work in the service industry.

Tipping does vary across the world, between genders, and from state to state.  We’ve created an infographic to help illustrate some of the different nuances when it comes to tipping.  Be sure to share our infographic with those that may be confused on how and why tipping is so important to those in the service industries.

Tipping infographic

How much do you feel is an adequate percentage to tip, and does it depend on service given? Weigh in below in the comments section.

Thanks to http://www.consolidatedfoodservice.com/ for sharing this with us here on the blog.


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  2. Wow I never thought about tipping in this manner shed some new light here for me

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