7 Soft Skills That Set Apart the Best Bartenders

7 Soft Skills That Set Apart the Best Bartenders

With numerous bars and restaurants found in every city and new ones opening every now and then, you can reasonably expect the demand for bartenders to continue to rise. As such, if you have always wanted to be a master of mixology, have a flexible work schedule, meet and talk with interesting … Read more

What are the Primary Duties and Responsibilities of a Waiter?

a couple of guests ordering from a waiter, all three of them smiling

As the world begins to reopen its doors, the food industry finds itself in the middle of an exciting rebirth. Foodies are either finding their way back to their old nooks or venturing into new spots to fall in love with. The surge of customers dining back at restaurants has generated increased … Read more

What is The English type of table service?

English type of table Service

Experience the epitome of sophistication and culinary finesse with English table service. This revered tradition adds an air of elegance to any dining occasion, offering guests an unforgettable and indulgent experience. With its meticulous attention to detail, English service guarantees a memorable and lavish affair. From the beautifully presented carved meats and … Read more

What is The Buffet type of table service?

Buffet type of table Service

Buffet table service is a popular and flexible method of presenting food and beverages that has captivated the dining industry. It is a popular choice in numerous established and respected restaurants. More so, this type of table service is known for its ease of management and operation.  Whether it’s a grand banquet … Read more

What is Silver service in a restaurant?

Silver Service in a Restaurant

The term “Silver Service” is widely recognized, but its true meaning and implications may not be as clear-cut as one might assume. The concept has led to some confusion within the industry, primarily because professionals from different backgrounds, such as butlers, yacht crews, catering colleges, and hotel schools, often have different interpretations … Read more

What are the Most Common Mistakes Made by Bartenders?

a bartender pouring colorful drinks into glasses at the bar

It’s Friday night and you’ve been waiting all week to hit the bar and drink your stress away. You get there and order your favorite drink. Finally, you can take that long-awaited sip, but wait! Something’s not right.  The bartender messed up your drink, but how? Bartending, as an art form, requires … Read more

How you best deal with Impolite and Rude Waiters

a woman arguing with a waiter, a man trying to calm her down

After a few (but very long) years of not being able to roam about and enjoy a day out, a lot of us are just so excited to go back outside to revisit our old dining spots or explore new places to try. Unfortunately, not all of us are greeted warmly when … Read more

What is The French type of Table service?

French type of table Service

Table service in the restaurant industry encompasses a range of responsibilities performed by the wait staff, from taking orders and delivering food and beverages to providing attentive service throughout the meal. The style of service refers to the particular methods and strategies employed by the waitstaff to cater to guests in a … Read more

What is the Russian type of table service?

Russian type of table Service

When we think of fine dining, it brings to mind fancy, luxurious, and glamorous settings. The beautiful way the food is presented and the wide variety of wines can make it seem like a special experience only for a few people. However, if you give it a chance, fine dining introduces you … Read more