3 Ways Tech Can Make Waitressing Easier

Using the right POS software is a smart way to make waitressing easier. When orders are coming in hot and heavy on a Sunday afternoon customer need to be able to check out fast. Your restaurant needs to run smoothly and quickly to make the most money. New technology is changing restaurants just like the rest of the world. This means a modernized POS system can become one of the most important tools in the life of your waitresses. Recommend the right POS software and you may become a popular boss.

Waitressing Easier is?

One of the first ways technology can help make waitressing easier is flexibility. Does the POS system accept all major credit cards? It is embarrassing for the waitress and the customer when the customer wants to pay with a card that is not included in the approved cards list. When a customer is done eating, they want to be on their way. Your waitress must be able to accept even some of the unknown, yet valid, cards that are out there. This point can make or break your restaurant business overnight. You can be sure a disgruntled customer or waitress will be telling the world about their horrible experience of not being able to get a payment to go through. As a manager, you can avoid this scenario. Use the right POS software.

Technology Can Make Waitressing Easier

The second way that technology can make waitressing easier is mobility. Inside a packed, large restaurant, it is hard for a waitress to get back up to the desk to place a customer’s order. This is no longer a problem with some POS software. Why? Because they work with a tablet device and Wifi. With some larger restaurants, this one point could be the biggest reason to switch to a program that uses mobile devices. Go ahead. Recommend the right POS software, one that works over the WiFI connection with a tablet. It is not just cool, it is convenient. Imagine a waitress having to wade through a crowd of 100 or 200 hungry people just to get an order completed. If a tablet could make the connection from the other side of the mass of people, that would probably put a smile on the face of your waitresses.

Time Is Money

The last way that tech can make waitressing easier is its ease of use. Time is money. This is true not just for the manager, but for anyone who works in the restaurant. A complicated POS system is not user-friendly. If you are the manager, your restaurant workers will be pulling their hair out if a POS system takes a computer science degree to operate. This will also make your patrons feel bad as well. The bad feelings will spread from the waitress to the customer. Not everyone is a geek when it comes to using a computer. If your restaurant employees are not that computer savvy, make the decision to avoid complicated POS programs. Choose a POS payment system with a low learning curve. Think about the end-use scenario. The POS software may sound impressive, but if it takes months to master, it will use up more money than it makes.

Realistically, all POS software programs do the very same thing. They take the customer’s payment electronically. If you are a waitress, the big question to ask yourself is, “Will I be happy with this program?”. Recommend the right POS software to the boss. It may be one of the best things that happen to you and to the entire restaurant.