Factors To Consider Before Becoming a Server

a server organizing the dinner table

Over the years, the food and restaurant industry has witnessed a tremendous amount of growth. People think that serving has become an easy job, but in reality, it hasn’t. While servers get to leave home with a good amount of money at the end of the day, each server has to face a mental and … Read more

How to Be Organized While Working As a Server

a server organizing the dinner table

Restaurant servers like teaching and nursing are among the most poorly paid and overburdened occupations. During their duty, a server plays an equal role in hosting a party and contributing to customer care.  Researchers found that working efficiently at a restaurant can be very draining, both physically and mentally. Not only that, waiters usually depend … Read more

Most Common Mistakes Made By Servers


The reputation of any restaurant depends upon its service, servers, and the rest of the staff. The service that servers provide has a great impact on customers and their experience at any restaurant. Even if the food a restaurant serves is delicious, a rude or inexperienced server can ruin the whole dining experience.  Following are … Read more

How To Hire Wait Staff For a Wedding?

Waiter serving champagne 

Wedding is probably the most important event in an individual’s life. Even though the day is supposed to bring a lot of excitement and fun, one cannot ignore the anxiety and nervousness. Since it is an important event, many things could wrong. Perhaps the most difficult part of planning is hiring the right wait staff. … Read more

Hacks for Improving Your Service

A waiter serving an order

There is no denying that being a server at a restaurant is a tough job. There are sometimes hundreds of customers that need to be dealt with each second. The best servers tend to be good mind-readers and multi-taskers but that is hard as well. While your personality as a waiter or server plays the … Read more

Do Waiters Do Different Tasks Than Waitresses?

A waitress delivering food and drinks

Being a waiter and waitress can be a tough job. They have to be on their feet throughout their shift, deal with the customers, take orders, and accommodate special requests. Although this might seem an easy task but in reality, it isn’t. Restaurants tend to be highly sociable areas where friends and families gather during … Read more

Budgeting When You Rely on Tips

Some groceries and their receipt

As a waiter, the majority of your income comprises of tips. One of the perks of working in the restaurant industry is that you never leave empty-handed. As a result, you get to save your actual paycheck when it arrives as opposed to spending it on your daily expenses. For waiters and servers, tips tend … Read more

When Starting as a Waiter or Waitress,Do You Have to Pay for Your Uniform?

a waitress

As every job comes with its own set of requirements, working in the foodservice industry is no exception. Be it the late or odd working shifts, standing all day on toes to serve and oversee the customers, or wearing a uniform that you cannot wear elsewhere – all of these come along with the job … Read more