Beyond the Basics: Advanced Tips for Successful Restaurant Service

Advanced Tips for Successful Restaurant Service

The restaurant industry is highly competitive, and providing excellent service is crucial for success. While basic skills and knowledge are essential for any server, going beyond the basics can elevate the dining experience and lead to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty. In this article, we will explore advanced tips for successful restaurant … Read more

How to benefit from QR codes in the restaurant business?

customer self service order drink menu with tablet screen at cafe counter bar,seller coffee shop accept payment by mobile

Today QR menus in food establishments won’t surprise anyone and almost everyone knows how to use them. A sudden jump in popularity of QR codes has forced all major manufacturers of cell phones to embed a tool for reading them into the stock camera application. Perhaps you, as a restaurant owner, have … Read more

Reasons Why Restaurants Should Utilize Technology

Reasons Why Restaurants Should Utilize Technology

It’s crazy to think that a few decades ago, people used to write checks to pay the bill at expensive restaurants – some of which wouldn’t clear and restaurants would be left the bill. The advancement of basic technology in the banking systems has helped the restaurant business tremendously, but what about … Read more

Common Restaurant Administration Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

Common Restaurant Administration Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

Running a restaurant can be an extremely stressful job. According to a statistical analysis quoted by CNBC, 6 out of 10 restaurants fail during their first year. The same reveals that eight out ten also shutter before their fifth year.  Among the reasons for failure, there are some factors common in most … Read more

Opening a restaurant? Here is what you need to know

Opening a restaurant

In case you’re thinking about opening a restaurant, it’s imperative to initially decide a clear strategy. This will include numerous contemplations, for example, financing, area, subject, and staffing, to give your business the best possibilities for progress. It ought to be a straightforward enough idea to understand. Owning a restaurant is an … Read more

Being Safe in Your Restaurant’s Kitchen

Being Safe in Your Restaurant’s Kitchen

A restaurant kitchen is a dangerous place. It’s full of hot, flammable foods. Other flammable materials such as cooking oils and cleaning solvents may be in the vicinity of gas grills and deep fryers. People are working a mile a minute, preparing food, plating orders, dashing in and dashing out. Given the … Read more

Top 10 POS Systems for Restaurants

direct to kitchen ordering using restaurant POS

Introduction The best POS system for any restaurant business is the one that meets the most if not all business requirements and helps them succeed in their goals. However, picking the right solution can become a daunting task if businesses are not sure about what they really need. We have already covered … Read more