How to Increase Tips – Tip 11

Let’s jump right into this tip on how to increase tips. There is a word that we hear a lot in restaurants, that if we heard less of we would make more money, be more confident in our interactions with guests, and as a result we would be more efficient with our … Read more

How to Increase Tips – Tip 10

After a week off in Cuba, and returning relaxed and rejuvenated (and maybe a little heavier thanks to the food and booze), I realized an aspect in my life which has helped me do my job well, but more importantly, has been beneficial to my everyday life. Today’s topic on how to increase tips … Read more

The Power of a Bar Communication Book (Guest post)

While I’m on vacation I have some guest posters who wrote something for the blog which is related to the service industry. This one comes from E.C. and it’s for the bartenders out there, however, this idea is also used by managers and also by some service teams. A big thanks to E.C. … Read more

Problems with Management

Not that long ago I asked a question on How To Be A Good Server Blog’s facebook page and with all the responses to this question, there was one thing that a stood out among the rest. The question was: What is the biggest problem you run into at work? Now I thought … Read more

Identifying Problems

The picture attached to this post is a picture I took during a recent dinner I had with my girlfriend and her parents, I’ll explain it within this post. There are people out there that are too shy to say if something is wrong, there are people that don’t want to make … Read more

How to Increase Tips – Tip 9

How many of us out there would go above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to taking good care of the people we serve? I believe that you can learn to be a good server (hopefully my posts do help in some way, shape or form) but to be … Read more

People with Allergies

It seems over the last 10 years the increase in allergies is becoming more and more prominent. I remember 10 years ago serving in restaurants and rarely encountering someone with a food allergy of any kind. Now it’s a whole new ball game, guests with allergies are becoming more common than guests … Read more

How to Increase Tips – Tip 8

Being ready for a busy shift can relieve a lot of stress and worry about what may come your way during service. This topic on how to increase tips is the importance of being well prepared for your shift. Although some may say that they do in fact go into work prepared … Read more