How to Deal with Difficult Customers

A customer at a restaurant talking to the staff 

Every server encounters difficult customers sooner or later during their service who can be stressful and hard to deal with. A server needs to be very careful when dealing with such individuals because mishandling such an encounter would negatively affect the business’s reputation.  By knowing the best way to handle a difficult … Read more

Restaurant Management Tips to Make the Process Smoother

a restaurant with a formal dining setup

Managing a restaurant is an exercise in multitasking: it is way more complicated than opening one. After you get done with the investments, designing, hiring, and all those pre-opening duties, your next task is going to be all about figuring out techniques for running it well. Managers need to watch over day-to-day … Read more

Why It is a Good Idea to Work As a Server When in College

a server standing inside a food truck

For most people, college is a pivotal experience. It is a time for many firsts and opportunities, especially a chance to shape yourself into a professional being. A job in college is one great way to gain responsibility, autonomy and build a resume.  While you should work in a job relevant to … Read more

The Psychological Effects of Being a Server

Image of a server dressed in green

Do you think your nine-to-five job is stressful? Think about doing 12-hour shifts where you have to keep a happy face every minute. Most employment opportunities are available in the restaurant industry, and despite that, servers, chefs, waiters, and other employees do not have decent working conditions and environments. They suffer from … Read more

Restaurant Technology for Servers

a woman sitting in a restaurant bar at the counter

As the food industry expands, customers demand faster and more efficient ways of placing orders, booking tables, and clearing payments to make their restaurant experience easier & hassle-free.  Fortunately, in these times, multiple restaurant tech solutions make serving a seamless process. The covid pandemic, in particular, has also boosted this demand; a … Read more

Why Waiting Tables is So Difficult

Picture of a waitress in a restaurant taking orders to serve.

The restaurant industry is notoriously hard. Owners face low-profit margins and a high risk of failure, while employees work long hours for little pay. Servers, particularly waiters, earn some of the lowest wages in the labor force. Even though the job is both physically and mentally demanding. Waiting tables can be a … Read more

Factors To Consider Before Becoming a Server

a server organizing the dinner table

Over the years, the food and restaurant industry has witnessed a tremendous amount of growth. People think that serving has become an easy job, but in reality, it hasn’t. While servers get to leave home with a good amount of money at the end of the day, each server has to face … Read more

How to Be Organized While Working As a Server

a server organizing the dinner table

Restaurant servers like teaching and nursing are among the most poorly paid and overburdened occupations. During their duty, a server plays an equal role in hosting a party and contributing to customer care.  Researchers found that working efficiently at a restaurant can be very draining, both physically and mentally. Not only that, … Read more

Most Common Mistakes Made By Servers


The reputation of any restaurant depends upon its service, servers, and the rest of the staff. The service that servers provide has a great impact on customers and their experience at any restaurant. Even if the food a restaurant serves is delicious, a rude or inexperienced server can ruin the whole dining … Read more

The Positive Side of Being a Server

a man and woman pouring drinks into the glasses

Being a server is a decent job. The profession also has the potential of being an exceptional line of work. However, it may seem like a step back for some people in their careers. But, for others, being a server is the best job they can have.  Like any other profession, being … Read more