Hiring Wedding Servers: Tips to Consider

Servers are an important part of any wedding. They are in charge of the tasks that keep the reception running. Servers are required for everything from emptying rubbish bins to filling water bottles. You will require some if you plan to provide your food or if you have a caterer with limited or no service staffing. It is also strongly advised to hire a bartending company that also provides service staff because there may be incentives for hiring two services from the same company, you will have one less vendor to communicate with, and you will have servers and bartenders who are familiar with each other, allowing for perfect communication and consistency in training. 

1. Ask and obtain recommendations and referrals

Tastings are a lot of fun, but you don’t have time to do them all, so use advice from friends and internet ratings to narrow your choices down to 3-5 caterers before making appointments. Once you have narrowed your list, ask the caterer for referrals of previous clients.

2. Surf on the Internet

When looking for a wedding caterer, look for food inspiration on Instagram or ask a restaurant you already frequent if they have a special events department. You can also seek recommendations from previous weddings from friends or even your wedding photographer.

3. Know your budget

There is a caterer for almost every budget, but you will save time and frustration if you have an idea of your overall budget as well as your meal budget before you begin looking. Don’t forget to factor in your budget for linens, plates, and tables, as the caterer will frequently coordinate the rental of these items. When you sign the contract, you will most likely be asked to put down a 50% deposit, so make sure you are committed before signing. It is customary to tip the wait staff and the catering manager, so keep that in mind when planning your budget.

4. Check with the location

Some wedding venues may have a preferred vendor list. This is why it is critical to select a venue before selecting a caterer. Usually, these lists are required due to insurance requirements, and sometimes it is simply because the venue knows these vendors can be trusted. Choosing from a recommended list has advantages because it means the caterer will be comfortable with the setup and will have an easier time coordinating with the venue staff. However, if you are unable to locate a caterer who meets your needs on the list, speak with the venue manager.

5. Be forthright about any special requirements

If you want a vegetarian menu or have specific allergy or ingredient concerns, talk to your caterer before scheduling a tasting. If there will be children at the wedding, make arrangements for special children’s meals; these will be less expensive and will keep the children happy.

6. Write down all the details and carefully read them all

When it comes to catering for a large event, there are a lot of grey areas. Is the caterer providing linens and tablecloths? Is there a charge for them? Do you need to rent the serving dishes separately if it is a buffet? How many waiters will there be, and will they dress up? Will you be charged extra if the event lasts longer than expected? Who is liable for the cost of lost linen? There is a lot to think about, but you must pay attention.

7. Remember to include the band and the photographer

Your contract with the band and photographer may require you to provide them with meals. Talk to the caterer about getting special vendor meals. Because your vendors will not be dining with your guests, their meals can be plated differently and should be less expensive.

Wedding Servers: What Should You Ask Them?

We are all aware that the big day is, well, really a big deal, and that everything must be perfect. The food and beverage options are one of the most important aspects of your reception. Whether you want a full sit-down dinner or a cocktail hour with passed appetizers, everything must go off without a hitch, and finding an amazing wedding caterer is a critical piece of the puzzle.

To make sure you’re prepared for that first meeting, here’s a list of questions to ask when looking for the best wedding caterer.

1. Location and Availability

  • Do you have any other obligations that day?
  • Are you able to realize our vision at our venue? 
  • What are your specific requirements for us to be able to cater at our venue?
  • How much room will you require at the venue?
  •  How much time will it take you to set up and clean up at our venue?

2. Food and Beverages

  • Do you have a fixed menu or can you create a custom menu?
  • What are your best-selling dishes?
  • What is the distinction between a plated meal, a buffet, a family-style meal, and so on?
  • Can you prepare meals for children?
  • Do you offer vendor meals?
  • Can you accommodate a variety of allergy or dietary requests?
  • Will the food be prepared on-site or brought in?
  • When will you require the final menu options?
  • When do you expect to need a final headcount?
  • Can you handle last-minute requests, or how will you handle them?
  • How big are the servings?
  • Do you have any other desserts?
  • Can you serve as a bartender?
  • If that is the case, do we have to provide alcohol, or can you?
  • Is it possible to include non-alcoholic beverages in the food costs?

3. Logistics and Details

  • Do you have photos from previous events and references from previous clients?
  • Will you handle rental coordination if you do not provide linens, table settings, and so on?
  • Will your staff be in charge of placing place cards and menus, if necessary?
  • Do you have the necessary catering licenses as well as liability insurance?
  • Is there going to be an onsite coordinator on the wedding day? Can we arrange to meet them ahead of time?
  • Could you please send me a copy of your standard contract?
  • What is the deposit required to hold our date, and when will the balance be due?
  • How do you handle cancellations?
  • Is there a payment plan available?

Hiring a wedding caterer can be difficult, especially when it comes to determining the spending plan, attendee count, and menu. The great news is that recruiting the best wedding caterer will assist you in determining all of these details.