How Foldable Phones Are the Future’s Next Big Thing

Technology has been making our lives easy like smartphones are getting launched one after another. Surprisingly, every single one surpasses the other providing extra features and upgraded specs but the price tag doesn’t seem to hang on. However, the story of foldable phones is different. The show-stopper mobile has been the topic of conversation and headlines in the news all the time. All the corporations are working thoroughly to make sure they create a new record or hit the limits. Even though there are already half decade passed but its rise has just started.

The Main Features of Foldable Phones

The foldable phones have surely taken the pledge of becoming the main personality of the mobile market and people’s hearts. It has made the name by its strong processing ability and fast productivity level that surpasses the random phone that has no amazing large-scale display like the folding one. A thing that surprises the most is the distinct nature of the device that has been installed focusing on finding the solutions. It has everything to it that a user could require.

The immense display and pleasing graphics quality is the second reason for all the noise about the phone. Especially the gaming community has preferred it lately since it has the advantage; it can be used as a simple phone and for gamers to play games anywhere regardless of time and space. On the price of a regular meal, it providing a ten-course dinner will attract everyone for sure.

Folding or Flip: Which is Better?

For those who are confused, folding phones are identified to be in two categories, the first is foldable, other is flip. The two has very minimum yet clear difference between each other as a flip phone is a small size phone that gets packed into a small size. So, its display is little too.

The foldable has a huge two screens display where a mid-crease shows the foldable side where the phone can be closed into one or unfolds into the twice sides. The two sides of the coin are different here as we can’t just vote nay or yay. The concern about comparison has no room present in the marketplace because of the quality and size contrast. However, it all depends on the buyer which phone they prefer and why. Many people prefer the foldable one as it has two screens that can be used for most work.


To figure it out, foldable phones have solved the issues of multitasking with an exclusive screening of all teens and adults regardless of the job nature. Nowadays, the HONOR Magic Vs release has made a great effort by providing hundreds of the latest features in the small compact device that can become your phone or the best laptop to your requirement of yours. It has already taken the market all by itself, wherever one goes, foldable phones are the big craze and trendy everywhere. It deserves all the attention when provides exclusive characteristics.