How to be Organized When Working as a Server

 Being a server at a restaurant is not an easy job and requires a lot of patience, hard work, and a modified skillset. However, the one skill that he needs the most during work hours is being ‘organized’. Would you dine in at a restaurant where the server is half-minded, throwing things, and running from one table to another. The answer is NO. Absolutely not! Everyone wants to eat at a restaurant where the staff exhibits professional behavior and does not create haphazardness. 

Tips and Tricks to be Organized When Working as a Server

When working as a server, you need to pre-plan your actions and be organized. This does not only benefit you (in terms of tips) but also increases the positive word of mouth for the restaurant you work in. Follow the below-listed tips and tricks, if you want to know, how to stay organized while working as a server

  • Learn the Menu

Do your homework! It’s as simple as that. Imagine working as a server for a restaurant whose dishes you don’t even remember. I’d not recommend doing that. To showcase your efficiency as a server, you must learn the menu beforehand. It also doesn’t mean that you literally start cramming the name of all the dishes but develop enough know-how of all the dishes that are being offered. This way, you’ll not only be more organized but also maximize tips too. Learning the menu will help you in serving large groups in the future! 

  • Double Check the Order

To be more organized as a server, there is no shame in double or even triple checking the order. It is better to ask the customer if he ordered pork or steak, instead of helplessly storming around in the kitchen and having your guests wait another half hour for a ‘new dish’. In case you want to avoid all the hassle, it’s better to confirm the order before moving away from the table. Even if you are not efficient enough to remember all the food items, note them down. Slowly and steadily, you’ll definitely learn to swing your way around the customers and take orders quickly! 

  1. Be Kind and Welcoming 

 Being an organized server means rhythmically doing your basic service steps so that they don’t feel forced. When you’ll greet the guests with open arms (not literally) and with a smile on your face, that’ll definitely count as the very first step of your service. After that, if they feel at home, it’ll all be a smooth process. Additionally, with an incredible customer experience, positive word of mouth will increase, and those satisfied customers will recommend the restaurant to others. 

  • Keep the Essentials

What better way to be organized than keeping all the essentials in the pockets of your apron. You can store some pens, extra folks, and spoons. This practice will also assure you that you’ve all the essentials that a customer can ask for. Resultantly, you’ll be more focused on the service and serve better to your guests. Your work efficiency improves and organizing the dishes and menus becomes easier this way! When guests witness an overall organized behavior from the restaurant staff, they’ll definitely come back again! 

  • Be a Keen Observer 

A server should be anything but oblivious of his surroundings. To be more efficient at his job, a server must be a keen observer. He should observe the different behavioral patterns of different customers. Whether a customer needs extra spoons, folks, or a tissue, the server should be able to calculate it beforehand. When a guest enters the restaurant, if it’s a group of five or six or an alone customer, he should guide them to the tables accordingly. Being observant of your surroundings does not only help you in organizing but also increases tips!

  • Seek Efficiency

No one is born perfect. Everyone learns with time. So is the case with servers and waiters, and basically every line of work. You need to seek efficiency, be better at what you’re doing, and improve in the longer run. As a server, you should look up to your seniors, and when in doubt, ask for guidance. You must always be ready to learn. You can make common mistakes as a server. This only proves that you’re good human, but you should quickly learn   from your mistakes. The more efficient and error-free you are, the more organized you’ll be. 

  • Clear out the Tables Quickly

When the guests leave, make sure to clean their tables. No one likes to sit on a dirty and scattered table, with ketchup stains here and there. However, if you clear out the tables before the next customer arrives, they’ll definitely be impressed with your organized steps of service. This practice is not only beneficial for the customers but also paves the way for easy serving for you. Organizing the tables right after someone leaves is a great method to get things done quickly! 

  • Introduce Yourself (and the Best Dishes) 

Imagine going to try a new restaurant, not knowing about their famous dishes and the server also has zero clue about them. Not a pleasant sight at all! Henceforth, as a server, firstly you should introduce yourself kindly and then slowly move on to the menu card. Introduce the customers to the restaurant’s best dishes and specials, but also don’t enforce our opinion on them. Keep it lowkey. This way, if they feel comfortable around you, they’ll definitely end up buying from your recommendations. Resultantly, this won’t only benefit the restaurant but also improve your repute among customers. 

  • Be a Great Listener 

Sure, sometimes, the customer acts like anyone but a king! But you still have to listen. It’s your job. This may not be the best strategy in the longer run, but as a server, you’ve to think that the customer is always right. Therefore, don’t lose control and be patient. Whether a guest is inquiring about the new dish while you’re organizing the appetizer, or if they want to know more about the restaurant, listen to them and answer affectionately. Your kind service will bring in more customers for the restaurants and also let you practice the greatest art of being a good listener! 

  1. Token of Appreciation 

Last but not the least, a little appreciation goes a long way! When you’re done serving the dishes or when guests are done eating, you can always acknowledge them with a token of appreciation. It can be sweet little candy, a 20% off coupon, or a buy 1 get 1 free for the takeaway. Treating the guests with respect and actually thanking them for picking YOUR restaurant to eat at, is an underrated practice, but goes a long way for both parties. 

Organize Your Apron & Services 

The best kind of servers is schmoozer extra ordinate, multi-tasker, excellent mind-reader, and most of all, an organized worker. When you are organized as a server, i.e. your dress code is intact, customer service is top-notch, and kinder with the guests, it can have a great effect on the restaurant’s bottom line and your tips. We hope you follow our great tips and tricks on how to be organized as a server and successfully manage to up your game as a server. Don’t just organize the cutlery, but focus on organizing your entire personality and attire!!