Tips for Looking Great While Waiting Tables

The restaurant industry is a competitive one. To be successful, you have to put in the hard work and show your dedication. And this includes looking presentable at all times while working in a restaurant. Who wants to go into an interview with messy hair or stained clothes? The same applies to working at a restaurant.

We have come up with some easy tips specific to this job, like how to appear presentable while working at a restaurant. These include how to style your hair, what color clothes to wear, and what accessories to use.

You might be thinking waiting tables is hard, and it is no surprise that the job takes a lot of hard work. So, if you are planning to go for this job, you might soon find yourself searching for how to look good while waiting tables.

Good manners and personal hygiene are prime considerations before choosing this job. Even though the home is a place that is more comfortable to work in and where people are less likely to judge you. Even then, it does not mean that you should be lax with your hygiene.

Following are some tips to look great while waiting tables:

1. Do Not Show Up For Work Smelling Bad

If you show up smelling bad, customers will not think highly of you and your restaurant. How can you expect a customer to trust you and tell others about the exceptional service you provided if you do not smell good? And if you wear makeup, it is crucial to wash it off first.

Moreover, have a fresh haircut before you show up for work. When showing up at the restaurant, it is important to take a shower and scrub off your body. Showering every day will ensure cleanliness and a fresh, good smell.

You would not want to smell bad and get into a serious conversation with your manager about it.

2. Clean Your Shoes Before You Show Up

The second thing to remember is to clean your shoes EVERY DAY. If you do not take off your shoes, your feet will get smelly and gross. Also, the shoes that are still dirty will start developing a bad smell over time. I know this is not the most concerning thing, but it is something to be conscious about. The cleaner your shoes are, the better your overall attire will be as a waiter.

3. Walk With Your Head Up

Walking with your head down will make you look not-so-supportive. You do not want customers to think that you are just another lazy worker who does not care about their job or the service they provide.

Therefore, walking with your head up is important because it shows that you have confidence. You can either strut and pretend to be the boss or walk casually and relax. Whatever way you walk, make sure that you are walking with your head up.

4. Be Smart About Jewelry

Unfortunately, many restaurants have a strict policy about the number of jewelry you can wear as a waiter or bartender. For example, if you wear a nose ring, some restaurant managers might ask you to take it out before waiting tables. Moreover, you cannot wear clunky rings that you will have to take off every time you wash your hands.

Therefore, be smart about jewelry and wear simple things that won’t get in the way of your service.

5. Make Sure That You Get a Haircut Before You Show Up

It is important to look nice whenever you show up for work. You must also look nice for the company that you work for. Do not expect your workplace to sponsor your hairstyle every day, but go in and see your manager and tell him that you would like a haircut before you show up for work. Most companies let you have a free haircut if you ask, and you should get one because a sloppy look will never get you promoted.

6. Stick with the Basics

There is one piece of clothing that you want to make sure you know how to look good in, and that is your pants and shirt. You will usually be wearing a pair of pants with a nice-fitting shirt to match.

When it comes to shirts and pants, you want to ensure that they fit you well; and your shirt must match your pant. 

7. Smile

One final thing to note about going to work: smile all the way. Do you want your customers to be wondering whether or not you are happy to be working for them? A smile is the best answer. And if you are working on the drive-thru, look happy and be comfortable with your customers, so they feel good ordering the food.

In addition to dressing well to look organized while waiting tables, the following are some more tips to be successful as a waiter:

Greet the Table Promptly After Seating

Once your guests are seated, greet them with a smile. Yes, it can be hard during busy days and times, but it is very important. If you don’t have time to stop and introduce yourself to the guests, at least say hello as you walk by and let them know that you will be with them soon and take the order. 

If you have time, stop by your guests, make eye contact, introduce yourself, and ask how they are doing. After introducing yourself, let them decide on their order. 

Suggest Appetizers

Guests are usually indecisive about what to order, especially if they are eating for the first time in your restaurant. If they look confused, suggest to them some of your favorite appetizers from the menu – may be the special appetizers of the day. 

Often, your customers will have no intention of ordering an appetizer, but your great waiting skills can change their minds. 

Serve Food Professionally and Offer More Drinks

It is important to be professional when waiting tables and serving food. Some customers will appreciate it if you serve the kids and women first as respect. When you set the plate, face the main course towards the customer as a rule. 

Once you have put everything on the table, including the dinnerware and food, ask your guests if they need anything else. 


You might be thinking, “I work all day long, and I do not have time to get a haircut and have a shower before I show up to work, so what am I supposed to do?” Well, at work, put your pants on in a usual way (the same way you would if you were getting ready for the day). Go to your closet and pull out a nice pair of pants and a shirt. It will save your time and effort and be a usual routine task. Moreover, you do not take to go to the salon every time; you can do it yourself at home.

So, to sum it all up, you need to make sure that you look presentable with your neat clothing and appearance. You would not want to get in trouble at the beginning of your job because of your hygiene. And if you feel the need, professionals can help you groom.

Another important thing is to look confident and maintain a smile on your face. This gives the customers the impression that you love and enjoy your job.