How to Hire Brand New, Untrained Staff

No one can argue that the restaurant business is notoriously tough. While restaurant owners are dealing with multiple things such as attracting customers, providing the best service and food quality, etc. there is something even more difficult to achieve and that is hiring brand new and untrained staff. This is perhaps the most complicated aspect of owning a restaurant. It is an ongoing task that aims to secure the talent pipeline as well.

Hiring new untrained staff means that you will have to interview multiple candidates and place your bet on the best ones. Therefore, if you are unsure about how you can hire new staff and train them as well, give this article a read. We are going to discuss some popular hiring techniques along with training tips as well. Let’s begin.

How to hire staff?

Make a Plan

The first thing you need to do when it comes to hiring new staff is to make a plan. The plan will help you narrow down your needs and preferences so that you are able to hire the right people for the right job. For instance, if you are hiring a waiter, you will need to define the personality traits you require along with the skills. At the same time, if you are looking for a manager, the skill set and personality traits will vary.

Therefore, you will have to think about who you want to hire first and foremost. Then, list down the traits you are looking for. Furthermore, consider the skills and traits of your existing staff to set see what makes them successful at your restaurant. This will allow you to set a standard for new hiring.

The next most important factor you need to keep in view is the culture of your restaurant. Employees always prefer a friendly and professional working culture, where everyone is trying to uplift the other. If you are unsure about the culture of your restaurant, ask your staff about it. Ask them to give their feedback about what do they like about the restaurant and what characteristics will help the upcoming batch to become successful as well.

Identify Character Traits

By now, you must have made your plan and now it is time to identify the traits and skills you require in your new staff. The best way to define that is by considering the mission statement and set of core values of your restaurant. This will significantly help you find the right candidates. Meanwhile, you should also concentrate on creating a detailed job description as well. Then again, consider the traits and skills of your high performing staff to know what you should look for in the candidates you are going to interview.

Refine the Interview

Now, how to hire waiters? While many restaurants choose to conduct “walk-in” interviews, it is suggested that you adopt a slightly different strategy. This will help you refine the interview process and as a result, find the perfect candidates. For instance, have two managers interview the same individual. This will remove biasedness, measure the ultimate potential of the candidate, and make sure that everyone is on board with the decision to hire.

In addition to that, brainstorm and create a set of interview questions. Then, present each candidate with the same questions. However, do not create different questions for each candidate as it might obstruct you from valuing the responses properly. And most important of all, closely observe the attitude. Since you are hiring staff for your restaurant, having a friendly yet professional personality is of utmost importance. You will have experienced individuals walking in with their egos and “know it all” attitude. If that is the case, then you should move on to other options, as such candidates will only waste your time and efforts.

How to train new staff?

Conduct Orientation

Although many restaurants choose to ignore orientations but you shouldn’t. The reason being that orientation is a great opportunity to introduce the restaurant to the staff as well as the staff to the restaurant as well. What this means is that your existing staff will get to welcome new co-workers and introduce themselves thoroughly. Furthermore, you should explain the culture and core values of the restaurant so that the new staff understands what is expected of them. Allow the new staff to introduce themselves individually as well.

Provide Training

If you thought that your work after orientation had finished, you were wrong, it is just the beginning, as now you need to train your newly hired staff. There several types of training that you can provide. However, first, you need to allow the staff to settle down a bit. This way you can observe their strengths and weaknesses and provide training accordingly.

Provide Feedback

Once you have identified the strengths and weaknesses, it is time that you provide feedback to the newly hired staff. Make sure that you communicate with each individual separately and keep the feedback process private. While providing feedback try using the strengths to motivate the individuals. If you feel that some individuals are lacking, guide them to convert their weaknesses into opportunities. This way they will understand that you are providing constructive feedback rather than criticizing and point them out unnecessarily. To make them better, you will have to make them understand their shortcomings as well and how it can halt their optimum productivity.

Your Role as a Leader

As a restaurant owner and someone who values ultimate customer satisfaction, you need to play the role of a leader as well. Your job is to make sure that your staff is motivated and well looked after. If you wish to retain your employees, you need to remember that they are not only working for money. They expect you to step beyond your comfort zone to treat them right. Since your staff is going to be on their feet 24/7 you need to make sure that, they are provided comfortable clothes and footwear.

Furthermore, to show your appreciation, you can offer them paid leaves or something that makes them feel valued. If you observe that, a staff member happens to be stressed due to personal reasons or is ill and cannot make it to work, cut him/her slack and offer to pay their medical expenses instead of cutting a share from their paycheck. This is atleast what you owe in return for what your staff does for you on a daily basis.

The Importance of hiring new untrained staff


Most of the individuals fresh out of high-school are excited about their first opportunity. They tend to bring boundless enthusiasm and willingness to the table. As a result, this positivity should rub off on your existing co-workers as well and help you create the perfect working environment.


Hiring new staff should not cost you an arm and leg. Yes, you will need to spend some time and effort on their training but look at the bright side. You get to train them according to your needs and preferences and most important the restaurant itself. Therefore, the only working style they are going to match is your restaurant’s.


Loyalty is a two-way process. If the restaurant manages to prove to its staff that it has got their backs, newly hired staff will provide the same in return. When newly hired staff members are provided a fulfilling learning environment, the new employees will think twice before moving on.

Final Thoughts

Hiring new and untrained staff is going to be a hectic process. However, if you were to consider the above-mentioned tips, chances are that your efforts are going to be worth big time. Not only will you be able to hire the right candidates but also make sure that your interviewing techniques are correct and properly devised, which will help you find the best talent out there in the future as well.