How To Hire Wait Staff For a Wedding?

Wedding is probably the most important event in an individual’s life. Even though the day is supposed to bring a lot of excitement and fun, one cannot ignore the anxiety and nervousness. Since it is an important event, many things could wrong. Perhaps the most difficult part of planning is hiring the right wait staff. You want things to be served and presented both on time and professionally. 

Therefore, it could be a time-consuming process especially if you are already engaged in planning other aspects of the wedding. Alternatively, you can also consider to hire one of the event management companies singapore, and they will take care of all the aspects of your event.

Factors to Consider Before Hiring Wait Staff

The first thing you need to decide is how many servers you are going to need. This majorly depends on how many guests you are going to receive. Furthermore, you should also consider the type of dishes that will be served. The reason is that sometimes you are going to need special servers for those special dishes. Once you are aware of how many guests are arriving, you should ensure that each table has at least one waiter to serve. 

The second important factor is that you need to decide whether you are hiring part-time or full-time. You need to specifically address this because the pay rates differ tremendously and so do the timings. 

When to Hire

When it the timing of the hiring, the staff hiring option is going to matter the most. For example, if you are using referrals, job boards, and other traditional hiring practices, the agencies can stretch the time for weeks. Therefore, it is suggested that you write down your needs and preferences to start preparing for the hiring process early.

In addition to that, some staffing services also provide on-demand staff services. Such agencies offer employees that are charged in hours. Such services come into use when you are not sure about how many guests you are going to receive and the number of employees you are going to need just a couple of days before the event. 

Full-Time Employees Vs. Temporary Independent Contractors

Even though most events tend to hire temporary independent contractors, some events prefer full-time employees due to the several benefits offered. 

If you were to hire full-time employees, you can be sure that you are hiring reliable and quality employees giving your company the stability it needs. However, you are not running a company here, you need some staff to look after your event. This is why event planners and catering companies tend to hire independent contractors. 

Compensation and Job Descriptions

Before you proceed with the hiring process, you need to decide the average pay rates in the market and how much you are going to pay the wait staff. Every agency has its rate depending on the number of employees you hire along with the experience. In some cases, the agencies will have different packages for servers and wait staff. 

This along with the part-time or full-time option is going to influence the overall costs as well. Irrespective of what you choose, you should ensure that you pay the wait staff atleast above the national average. 

Apart from the compensation, you need to go prepare and go through the job descriptions thoroughly as well. You should mention the skills required and the qualification, job title, job summary, pay, etc. Once you are done with the job descriptions. It is now time to interview dozens of potential 

Wait Staff Hiring Options

On-Demand Staffing

On-demand staffing is one of the best ways to hire waiting staff for weddings, parties, and events. However, it is not like your regular job board advertisements. It simply connects qualified contractors with people who are looking for their services through an app. 

On the other hand, when other traditional hiring processes become obsolete and old-fashioned, the on-demand staffing method removes all the hassle from the process. No interviews or individually assessing each employee. 

Job Boards

There was a time when job boards were the most common method of connecting potential employers with employees. There is no doubt that it is one of the most popular today as well but unfortunately, they have become too overcrowded. It takes a lot of time to go through the different processes and finding the right candidates. At the end of the day, you spend days interviewing potential candidates only to find out 2-3 candidates to hire from the total ten that you need for the event. 

Traditional Temp Staffing Agencies

Hiring staffing agencies for the right wait staff team is also another way to get things done. Even though they assure you of providing quality staff, they will charge a hefty amount as well. Although different hiring techniques have replaced staffing agencies, it continues to have its place, especially in countries like the United States.

Final Word

Hiring Wait-staff for a wedding used to be a complicated and time-consuming process. Make sure that you determine your needs and demands before the hiring process to ensure you get the right fit. You cannot expect to hire party wait staff for a wedding. The last thing you would want is the waiters having no sense of direction while serving, waiting, or presenting.