The Positive Side of Being a Server

Being a server is a decent job. The profession also has the potential of being an exceptional line of work. However, it may seem like a step back for some people in their careers. But, for others, being a server is the best job they can have. 

Like any other profession, being a server also has both positive and negative sides. So, let’s take a look at the pros of serving. 

Pros of Being a Server 

We will start with the positive experiences or things you can get if you choose to work as a server. 

1. You can Work Fewer Hours But Still Make Good Money

If you want to make a handsome income in fewer hours, this job is ideal for you. You can make good enough money for the day in a few hours by working busy shifts. In fact, instead of 8, or 9 to 5 hours a day, you can make equal money in five hours or less.

2. Always Have Cash on Hand

If you have to pay your bills and need quick cash, the easy way to earn is through tips. When you work as a server, you get money after every shift. If you are social and outgoing, it will not be hard for you to make money in this field.

3. You get Discounts on Food 

It entirely depends on the restaurant you are working in, but the majority of them offer discounts to their waiters during or after work hours (or even free food). This way, you will be saving money by getting discounts on the food.

4. You Get to Meet Many People 

Being a server, you meet several people every day, and you may be able to make connections and new friends if you are lucky enough. When you get along with your customer, you turn some of them into regular customers.

5. The Ability to Exchange Shifts

As long as it is manageable, most restaurants allow their servers to exchange shifts with other coworkers. It is a good option because it lets you have a night off to spend time with your family. And in other jobs, you have to inform your boss before making any plan, and you will need to take a personal day off. Also, in some cases, it can lead to salary deduction. 

However, in serving, you can call someone up at the last minute to exchange his or her shift with you.

6. You Do Not Have to take Work at Home 

One of the best benefits of serving is that once your shift is over, there is no work for you to take with you at home. Moreover, you do not have to worry about the meetings or deadlines for the next day. Once the day is over, it is over, and you do not have to think or make plans for the next working day.

7. You are Always Active 

Serving tables will require you to carry trays, grabbing plates, consistently moving around, and much more. So, as compared to office jobs, serving keeps you fit. Moreover, it is not the job where you sit and stare at your computer screen for several hours.

8. You Develop Lots of Patience 

Sometimes the servers have to encounter hard-to-handle situations deal with them, such as annoying or angry customers. Experiencing such conditions develop patience in you and teach you how to smile and work through them.

9. You Get to Work with Good People 

The people you work with matter a lot as they make your job more meaningful. Due to the same kind of work ethic, you get to create a strong bond and band together with your other coworkers. Moreover, you may meet coworkers, if you are lucky, who are willing to get each other’s back and go above and beyond for you.

If you don’t have many friends, being a server, you will get to make many coworkers, your friends, or even besties. 

10. Have Some Extra Cash During the Holidays 

During special days and holidays, you will be able to make good money because a lot of people visit restaurants during those days. Furthermore, there are substantial reservations and parties, which means more tips for you. So, this is the time when you can make extra pocket money for yourself.

11. You Can Work Anywhere as a Server 

Most restaurants are always hiring servers. So, if you are unemployed or need to move, you can always have a job at one of the restaurants in your area. You may not start with the classiest restaurants, but you will have enough decent options to choose from. You can work in fast-food restaurants, diners, hotels, family-owned restaurants, cruise ships – the choices are endless.

12. You Can Control Your Income a Bit 

Being a server, you can have a bit more control over your income. It is upon you how you serve your customers – their satisfaction means more tips, and most of your salary depends on the tips. One of the ways to get better tips is by providing better service. 

So, charm your way into the hearts of your customers and give them the service they need, and you are good to go.

13. Employee Get-Togethers and Outings

You surely want to hang out with the people you work with if you have a good team. Sometimes people plan outings like playing team sports on days off, watching movies, barbecues, going out to a bar for a drink after work, paintball, house parties, staff Christmas parties, and whatnot. Having good people at work feels like a second family where no one is left behind.

14. Good Option as a Second Job 

Another great benefit of being a server is that you can do it as a part-time job. There are very few servers who do it a full day. The majority of them only work part-time shifts. So, if you are a student and want to support your finance or earn extra dollars, becoming a server can be an excellent option. You can do it in the evening after you are done with your other main job or college.

15. You can Earn a Decent Tip 

The base salary of the servers is not that significant, but they can still earn pretty good tips. They can make a considerable amount of money from the extra cash if they work at a bar. Moreover, the chances of earning more money than your average income increase by looking better. Therefore, make sure to dress up fine before starting your shift as a server.

16. Time Flies as a Waiter 

You will get surprised by how fast the time flies when you have so much to do on your plate as a server. Several servers report that their shift time passes so rapidly when they do their work.


Being a server is not a step back into your career. There are several benefits of being a server. You get many perks, including good friends and a handsome amount of tips to support your finances on your own. In addition to that, you get flexible hours, and it is not an eight-hour job.