Why It is a Good Idea to Work As a Server When in College

For most people, college is a pivotal experience. It is a time for many firsts and opportunities, especially a chance to shape yourself into a professional being. A job in college is one great way to gain responsibility, autonomy and build a resume. 

While you should work in a job relevant to your area of study, working as a server is a good idea while you hunt down that perfect job!

Here are our eight reasons why it is a good idea to work as a server when in college.

1. Frankly, The Cash Flow

College students often do jobs to get money. Being a server allows you to make the most out of minimal working hours as one. The real catch? You do not have to wait from paycheck to paycheck! You leave with money every day, making anywhere between $100 to $300. It not only lets you pay your bills but also saves you time for academic affairs and personal life matters. Furthermore, you also leave with a tip-on good day!

So, with a server job, the cash flow keeps you financially stable. Do not forget to read our guide on maximizing tips as a server.

2. Convenient Working Hours

Have classes every day, or are you an international student with limited working hours? With server jobs in restaurants, you can pick and choose your shifts at your convenience. Many servers get their shifts switched from week to week, depending on their availability. However, the lesser hours or tables you deal with, the lesser money you make. 

3. Free or Discounted Food

Whether the job contract has a staff meal or a voucher for discounted food, having a server job is one brilliant way of saving money in college. Unlike the retail or corporate realm, you do not have to leave for lunch breaks as you can get a nice one right where you work. After some time, you might as well make friends with the kitchen staff. It may lead to extra free or discounted snacks throughout the day!  

4. You Make Friends!

Making friends or building relationships has never been easy. It is even more troublesome if you are going to a college in a new state or country. The cultural and language differences make it hard to connect. Another perk of working as a server during college is that you get to make friends! When you work at a place for a good while, it is inevitable to have conversations with coworkers now and then. These ice-breaking conversations may end up in long-term friendships or networking relationships for a professional life ahead. You might also come across different people as customers. Furthermore, serving enhances your communication skills and confidence. 

5. The Jobs Are Available Easily

Unless your college nestles in a small countryside town with fewer restaurants, server job opportunities are available with ease everywhere. Pretty much every other restaurant or bar has vacant server jobs. Even if that is not the case where you go to college, feel safe as server jobs are still a lot easier to find than others. 

6. You Learn How to Work in a Team

As a server, you deal with a bunch of coworkers and customers daily. With such a routine, not only do you develop communication skills and confidence, but also a sense of teamwork. From knowing how to communicate your point to understanding others and functioning as a group for seamless work: server jobs teach you this real-life skill that you will need everywhere in life ahead. Here are some tips on the basics of serving.

7. Improves Confidence and Communication Skills

It is a good idea to work as a server when in college as it helps enhance your communication skills and confidence. With having to speak daily with coworkers and customers, you gain confidence and develop better communication skills. 

8. Need No Prior Experience

Unlike the corporate or retail world, the restaurant industry demands no prior experience for server jobs. There is only a need for motivation, discipline, and determination. If you have these, consider yourself a potential candidate and go for that application! 

9. Work Better Under Pressure

On busy days like weekends in restaurants and bars, there are multiple customers. It builds pressure on the serving team to perform well and deliver their services on time. As a server, you will have to go from table to table, taking orders. Then, you would have to serve each table the correct meals. While it sounds stressful, you eventually develop skills to perform under pressure. It also helps you deal with other stressful situations well. 

10. Diversifies Your Mind

When you work as a server in a restaurant, you deal with multiple kinds of customers and coworkers. People of different ages with different needs and cultures visit you. It is a job that exposes you to the real world out there with its diversity inclusion. So, if you grew up in a place with limited diversity to experience, it is a good idea to work as a server when in college. You can also learn about cultures and contribute your part in the growing globalization. It will help you for a career ahead with cultural competency to be a global professional.

The Bottomline

It is a good idea to work as a server when in college for multiple reasons. From having good pay to food perks and an opportunity to develop as a professional, server jobs offer a lot more than one thinks for college students with no prior experience. The best part? There are plenty available as there is a high demand for servers worldwide.

Make sure you know the difference between a waiter and a server before giving out your job application. We have also enlisted some factors to consider before becoming a server to help you decide if this field is also the one for you!