Factors To Consider Before Becoming a Server

Over the years, the food and restaurant industry has witnessed a tremendous amount of growth. People think that serving has become an easy job, but in reality, it hasn’t. While servers get to leave home with a good amount of money at the end of the day, each server has to face a mental and psychological war every day to make sure that the customers leave happy. Therefore, if you are planning to become a server, give these tips a thorough read. 

Factors to Consider When Becoming a Server

Money Is Inconsistent

The first thing you need to consider is that the restaurant’s only earning is through customers. The restaurant relies on your services to attract customers. If there are no customers, then rest assured you are not going to be paid as well. Sometimes you might have long days with little or no tips, whereas others might be short days with a good amount of tips. Plus, you need to understand that tips make a huge difference. And the amount along with the number of tips solely depends on how you meet and greet the customers. 

Develop Dual-Personality

Sadly, the restaurant industry can sometimes be merciless. You will face different types of customers walking in carrying different moods and servers are always expected to carry a fake smile. You need to understand that your customers are basically your cash. Without them, the restaurant will simply fail. This is why you will have to go beyond your limits to entertain them. 

As soon as the customer walks in, you should be able to determine and analyze their mood. If you find it upsetting, you can offer a free drink or appetizer to uplift the mood. On the other hand, if the customer happens to be friendly, you should chat and provide suggestions of what they should choose from the menu.

Appearance Is Everything

As a server, your personality needs to be top-notch. You cannot expect to come into work with your hair styled like a macho man and your beard like a Texas cowboy. You need to make sure that your uniform is clean and neat while your persona is charming. If you look like a wreck, the chances of customers tipping you are comparatively less. Customers prefer dealing with waiters who are friendly and not only look good but smell good as well. Therefore, put on your favorite perfume especially during hot days to avoid any inconvenience. 

Choose the Right Restaurant

While choosing a restaurant you need to give yourself time and think every option through. Making decisions in a hurry will only lead to a disaster later on. It is not only about which restaurant offers the most tips or percentage but also about the environment as well. To make the process easier, you should consider your skills and look for restaurants that require the same. If you are trained for serving fast food, you cannot expect to serve sushi. There is a huge difference between the presentation and serving style of the two. 

Be Pro-Active

Being proactive as a server is one of the most important factors. Sometimes you will be serving one table at a time while other days will require serving multiple tables during the day. Whatever the case maybe your focus should be clearing the tables as soon as the customers leave to make way for the new customers. 

In addition to that, you should also lend a helping hand to your colleagues while serving and picking up the plates or cleaning the tables. This will improve your hand-eye coordination with time.

Learn From the Pros

As you enter the industry, you will find that it has people who have served almost their entire life. If you have joined a restaurant and come across professional colleagues then you should count your blessings. A new entrant or joiner will have loads to learn and will receive tips that will make things easier. Such people will sometimes be strict and quite straightforward with their words and dialogues but that should not affect you emotionally. 


Serving is one of the most stressful jobs out there both mentally and psychologically. Dealing with hundreds of customers every single day can take a toll on you. As a result, you might lose your appetite or gain weight. Therefore, your life is not going to be all working and sleeping. You will need to find an equilibrium that allows you to exercise and spend some time with friends and family members as well.

Final Word

Serving has evolved as a profession over the years. It can pay quite well but one cannot underestimate the stress and fatigue that comes with it. This is why the above-mentioned professional tips are going to help make the entry or transition easier. Plus, do not expect things to change overnight. Just make sure that you are at your best every day.