5 Ideas On How to Stop Buffering While Streaming a Movie

It is such a buzzkill to encounter buffering problems while streaming a video. When streaming a video or watching a movie, everyone expects uninterrupted signals. But still, you can fall victim to buffering issues as you watch. How do you avoid this buffering headache? Are there short-term solutions to it as you stream The Pirate Bay? If you know what buffering is, you can minimize or stop buffering. The ideal way to stop buffering is to reduce anything impeding the stream. Here are five ideas on how you can achieve that successfully. 

1. Close other applications and programs 

For your computer to stream video flawlessly, you have to close other tasks running in the background. Close them even if you minimize them or are open and doing nothing in the background. In this way, they still consume system resources. For instance, an application can ping the internet for updates in the background without you noticing. This is common with multiple tabs open in a browser. Another thing that drains system resources silently is video games. Find the most effective way to shut down all hidden resources and help you get better streaming performance with reduced buffering.  

2. Reduce video quality

Reduce video quality

A large video file takes longer to transmit to your computer or another device. However, if you can make the file smaller, you will not wait long. An easy fix is to watch the movie at a lower resolution. Most online video streams offer the option to change resolution. To control this, check the video player settings. It is better to reduce the video quality while watching on your smartphone or any other smaller screen. On a smaller screen, you cannot tell the difference. While on a 32-inch TV or more inches, get a few buffering time pauses by cutting the buffer stream in half. 

3. Clean up your browser settings

It is not all the time that the issue is your internet connection. It may be the web browser of your local computer. Since browsers maintain a local cache for any websites you visit. When you revisit the website, it loads it instead of downloading it. Therefore, your browser gets overloaded with cache data and slows it down. So clean your browser by wiping your browsing history and clearing out cookies to fix video buffering problems fast. As a result, this reduces buffering times as a streamlined browser runs more quickly. But, this works in the short term, but the unnecessary data will build up again.

4. Speed up your internet connection 

Internet service providers offer different price points for varying rates of speed. Thus, if you have to support multiple users, you need to choose a higher internet connection. By checking with speed test, you can find your internet speed. You can contact your internet service provider if you want more speed. But there are other ways to make your connection work faster. Such as setting the router to a 5GHz band to encounter less interference, power cycling your router or modem, running a malware scan, and changing your DNS server. 

5. Reset and upgrade your Wi-Fi device

Reset and upgrade your Wi-Fi device

Most people set up the Wi-Fi router and forget about it. Yet, routers need regular maintenance too. To do this, check with your manufacturer to learn about firmware updates. Plus, it is okay to hard-rest once in a while. To do this, pull the power cord on the router and plug it back in after a few minutes. If you do not see any improvement, you will need to upgrade to get better speed. But you will have to buy a converter or upgrade parts. 

To conclude, if the above does not help, you can try other ways, like pausing the stream for a few minutes. You may feel the need to restart the video after every pause, but it is not necessary. Additionally, you can remove other devices connected to your network. Wherever you can, free up bandwidth. The many devices, including tablets, laptops, smartphones, and others you have in your house, can shut off your Wi-Fi. So try this and other ideas above to see what works. Make sure you have good WiFi do you can stream movies with out buffering and help to keep them entertained.