An Insider’s Tips to Getting Your Meal at the UCLA Dining Hall

The University of California, Los Angeles is one of the crowded colleges in the south. It has over 337 undergrad and degree programs with more than 40,000 students in one school year. With so many students, the school administration has created a unique plan for the UCLA dining hall to include a variety of choices.

The university has a total of four residential restaurants, each with its ambiance and entrée options. Among them is Bruin Plate able to accommodate 900 people in one sitting. The UCLA dining service also offers diverse food options catered for students, faculties, the UCLA staff, and guests.

UCLA also offers ticket meals and the BruinCard to visitors and guests. This is mainly because cash and credit cards are not accepted in any of the four dining areas around the UCLA campus. So, to get a meal while you are inside the vicinity, you need to purchase a meal credit or the BruinCard which can be swiped in exchange for food.

UCLA will Change the Way You Look at Cafeteria Food

Eating at a college cafeteria might not equate to fine dining, but UCLA’s watering hole might make you change your mind. The university’s dining hall has been ranked one of the best in the US, serving an all-natural and locally sourced produce.

The Bruin Plate Residential Restaurant offers the most diverse food selection from seafood dishes, vegan options, and naturally processed and preservative-free cuisine. B-Plate, as often known to students, set the record by being the first health-conscious cafeteria in the country.

Bruin Plate is also the largest UCLA dining hall, able to accommodate as much as 900 people in one sitting.

The dining hall has six food stations, each offering their unique line-up of the menu. These are:

  • Sweet Bites
  • Greens & More
  • Farm Stand
  • Stone Fired
  • Simply Grilled
  • Freshly Bowled

Aside from B-Plate, students can also dine in at Covel Commons, De Neve, and Feast at Rieber. These three residential restaurants are known for their unique take on traditional cuisine from around the world.

This includes Foods from the Americas at the De Neve Residental Restaurant, European and Middle Eastern cuisine at the Covel Commons, and pan-Asian menu from Feast at Rieber. With a lot of world flavor cuisine, anyone regardless of their cultural lineage can get a taste of their homeland dishes.

What You Need to Know about UCLA’s Dining Hall Menu

For new students and guests at UCLA, you don’t need to worry about running from one dining hall to another because you cannot choose what to eat. UCLA has a dining services website that is updated regularly.

What this means is you get a list of what food is being served and at which dining hall. This saves you time from jumping around. Additionally, you need to know that cash and credit cards are not accepted anywhere inside the campus. You have to purchase a meal card which can be used to buy your preferred grabs.