Best Satellite Internet Service Provider 2022

Data transmission from the satellite internet connection is initiated from remote servers, which are then sent to broadcast stations connected to the provider’s satellite. From there, transmission is delivered to consumers like yourself, who have satellite dishes in their homes. The it outsourcing seattle offers reliable, secure, scalable, and cost-effective IT support which makes sure your ongoing task keeps on moving smoothly.

Satellite internet is available everywhere, even in urban and suburban areas. Although other types of internet connection are faster than the satellite internet connection (which is usually 50 Mbps or less), there are some situations where satellite internet is the best option.

  • When there is no cable or DSL internet nearby
  • Moderate internet activities like web browsing, checking emails, streaming movies in low quality
  • For people living in rural or remote areas, mountain regions, terrains, etc.

However, if you still prefer cable or DSL internet and it is available around your area, you should definitely go for it and make the best of their fast internet speeds. And why not, since multiple benefits come out of having fast internet speeds. Along with their fast internet speeds, many ISPs offer services like home phone and cable TV as well. For instance, Xfinity has internet, voice (for phones), and cable TV services. The best part? Xfinity offers you each of these services as standalone or you can get them in a bundle since Xfinity Bundle prices are much quite affordable.

If you are of the unlucky bunch who do not have cable or DSL internet around your area (or if you prefer getting the best satellite internet connection), then read on!

Things needed for Satellite Internet Service

Following are the things one needs to add to the checklist while applying for a satellite internet connection:

  • Satellite Dish, which sends and receives data transmission to and from the provider’s satellite in space. The service provider will supply you with the dish.
  • RG6 coaxial cable, which can connect the dish to the modem
  • Also, the modem, or gateway device which has a router and modem built-in, to connect and communicate with the internet
  • An amplifier, which is optional, and can help boost the signal between the dish and modem to reduce latency
  • Southern Exposure, for a satellite to communicate with the dish antenna

Best Satellite Internet Service Provider in US 2022

Following are the two best satellite internet service providers in the US in terms of their reliability, availability, and internet speeds.

  • HughesNet was the first satellite internet service provider to offer an internet speed of 25 Mbps in 2017. HughesNet’s strength is its reliability and consistency of internet speeds. Other internet service providers have different internet speeds for different locations, but the internet speeds of HughesNet remain the same for all regions across the US. In fact, FCC released a report in 2018 where it stated that HughesNet was the best among participating service providers for giving actual rather than advertised speeds. The speeds of HughesNet are at 25 Mbps, with a sequence of gigabits provided in each data plan. Moreover, you also receive an additional 50GB of data per month during off-peak hours i.e. 2 am to 8 am.
  • Viasat is another reliable satellite internet service provider in the US. Viasat offers several internet speeds in their internet plans, and most of those speeds are faster than the 25 Mbps offered by HughesNet. However, most of these places will only show internet speeds at 15 Mbps which makes it inconsistent. Viasat is widely available in the US, which means that it is available in your region as well. Viasat has higher data caps in their plans than HughesNet, and you won’t really run out of data with your slow-speed internet activities like browsing, streaming average quality movies, or downloading not-so-heavy files.


Viasat and HughesNet are currently the fastest and most widely used satellite internet service providers in the US. Both of these are available everywhere in the US.

Viasat has higher download speeds than HughesNet but they both offer an upload speed of 3 Mbps. This upload speed will make uploading a video on YouTube seem like a lengthy process.

Satellite internet is also known for its high latency, which means that your online activities will take a long time to be carried out. Playing online multiplayer games or attending Zoom meetings is out of the question with a satellite internet connection.

Moreover, Viasat and HughesNet are both participating service providers in the Emergency Broadband Benefit program (now called the Affordable Connectivity Program). If you are eligible, you can receive up to $30 per month on your internet service bill ($75 for persons from qualifying Tribal lands).