How to Increase Tips – Tip 3

Hey there every one, here we go again with the next post on how to increase tips. When you start working at a corporate or chain restaurant your first few days generally consist of reading a server manual of their steps and procedures, history of the business, health and safety, food and drink menus, etc.

At some area in this book, you may find a section which tells you how to describe certain dishes or drinks. This term can be known as “selling” or “romancing” the product(s) mentioned. This method can have a great influence when it comes to selling a specific item.

So as you probably have guessed already today’s topic is:

Words to use for selling.

If you were in a restaurant would you be more inclined to order pasta if a server described it to you as “good” or if they said it was “pasta made in the house today, beautiful rich tomato sauce with fresh Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese grated on top“? Despite the fact that the dishes being offered are exactly the same doesn’t the second description sound way more appealing?

The use of everyday descriptive words like “awesome“, “great“, “good“, “nice” are not bad words to use when selling a dish or drink but you can’t just stonewall it with just that word. These are generic words that you hear every day which in my opinion just don’t have the pull they used to have when describing products, it’s been done to death and has somewhat lost their flair.

Let me give you a few examples of using certain words for certain items.

  • “fresh or light” – salads, fish, cocktails with fresh fruit or herbs in them.
  • “tender” – meat dishes, fish.
  • “sweet” – desserts, cocktails, sauces.
  • “made in house” – things that are actually made in house (don’t just say that something is).
  • “creamy” – sauces, some desserts.
  • “juicy” – chicken, steaks.
  • “rich” – sauces, some desserts

These are just some examples for you so you have an idea of what I’m getting at. Don’t limit yourself either, the words I mentioned above are just some examples of how to utilize certain words for certain products. You can get creative but be sure that your descriptive word is relevant to what you’re describing.

A bad example isThe triple chocolate cake with whipped cream is juicy

A good example isThe triple chocolate cake with whipped cream is rich or decadent and is made in house

It’s good also to read your table and use words that would be appropriate for them. A group of businessmen doesn’t really care if the salad they are ordering is “light” or “fresh” but would probably prefer to hear that their steaks are “juicy and tender” (Oh no am I profiling and being stereotypical here? Sorry but it’s kind of true 🙂 ).

Using descriptive words will help you paint an image for your guests and allow them to get a better sense of what it is they are ordering. This will help you up-sell which will add to your bill which will end up being more cash in your hand.

Hope you have a cheerful, exciting and beautiful day.