It’s All About the Bottom Line: 7 Important Restaurant Maintenance Tasks

Looking to boost your bottom line as a restaurant owner? Here are some of the top restaurant maintenance tasks your team should be doing on a regular basis.

As a restaurant owner, there are some things that you can do to increase overall revenue and get the most out of your restaurant business. We’re talking about restaurant maintenance when you take care of your restaurant; it’s sure to take care of you.

In this article, you’re going to find useful maintenance tips that you can implement as soon as today. Continue reading for everything that you need to know.

1. Sanitize the Ice Machine

You’re probably wondering why you would need to clean your ice machine regularly, and the reason is that ice is considered a food. Therefore, to ensure that you’re within compliance, the ice machine must be cleaned and sanitized regularly.

Not to mention with various employees using the machine, there is bound to be something that gets spilled in the machine on accident. And the last thing you want to happen is to have customers complain that they’ve found something in their drink.
Here’s how to
clean an ice machine the easy way.

Once you know how to clean the ice machine, future cleanings will be made much easier, and your customers will thank you for the delicious and cooled beverages your restaurant provides.

2. Improve Hygiene Protocol

We’ve all seen the signs in the bathrooms that read that employees must wash their hands before returning to work and the signs that notate the last time that the bathrooms been cleaned. But, as the COVID-19 pandemic has taken over globally, you must improve all hygiene protocols used by your business.

This means ensuring that the dining area is kept clean and that your staff routinely cleans the vent hoods, dumps old grease, as well as cleaning all cooking materials thoroughly. When you take the time to clean the items used, they’ll last longer and ensure that no one becomes sick because food was cooked in unclean containers.

All staff should understand your new and improved cleaning habits to ensure that their updated on the things that they should do each shift. Your staff should also keep an eye out for things that need cleaning and take the initiative to get it done.

Working together as a team can help your restaurant remain in tip-top shape.

3. Educate Your Staff

We mentioned above was the need for your staff to know about the new hygiene policies that you’ve implemented. They need to know about the changes you’ve made, but they also need to understand why the changes have occurred.

Take time to inform your staff of why you decided to make the changes that you made. And how upholding these changes will help the business run smoothly, which means that everyone will still have a place to come to work.

The hygiene policies you’re now using will help to increase the restaurant’s bottom line. And it takes every member of staff working together to meet restaurant needs.
Once you’ve educated your staff, then there are no excuses for why tasks fall below company standards.

4. Use Tracking Software

One thing you can do to keep track of the amount of maintenance going on in your restaurant is to use maintenance software. This software will document each time maintenance is performed and what maintenance took place.

It will help you keep documentation of the time between maintenance. And also help you improve your restaurant maintenance habits. The software you use can send you notifications to remind you that you’ve scheduled regular maintenance in the future.

Or to remind you that you’ve not done any maintenance recently. You can edit and add information about each maintenance completion.

5. Make a List

The list displayed will be where all staff can see it. The lists will display the tasks that need to take place daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly. This ensures that the restaurant is meeting all its goals and staying within compliance at all times.

If staff members don’t complete each item, they have to understand that there will be consequences. Once a staff member has completed a task, they should initial in the designated space, letting others know that the tasks completed.

Before being released to work alone, staff should all receive training on how to complete all maintenance tasks present on the list.

6. Have Equipment Looked Over

Another way to improve your restaurant’s bottom line is to have the equipment checked by a professional. Restaurant equipment can get expensive to repair if something goes wrong with it.

By having a professional look at the machines, you’ll get longer use them before having to spend money to replace the machine. Small repairs can get fixed if caught early enough.

Neglecting to have a machine fixed early could result in you having to spend more money and time ordering a new machine for your business. Take our advice and make any repairs before they worsen.

7. Update Equipment

When you have outdated equipment, it will work slower than a new piece of equipment. When your machines are working at a slower rate, it increases the time that customers have to wait for their food, which leads to complaints.

When it comes to the equipment that your staff is using to produce customers food orders ensure it’s all up to date and able to keep up with order volume. Machines that cut down on wait time will also increase the speed of operations.

This gives your restaurant the ability to get customers in and out, increasing nightly revenue.

Restaurant Maintenance Explained

When it comes to your restaurant maintenance checklist, all the tips mentioned above are worth considering. And remember, restaurant maintenance software will ensure completion of routine maintenance.

We hope that this article provided the information that you were looking for. Do you need more information about topics like this one? If so, continue scrolling through our blog sections, there are tons of articles to choose from.