Maintaining Your Tables

Howdy, all! Today I want to cover quickly an important aspect when it comes to looking after your guest’s comfort and dining experience. Have you ever dined out somewhere and at the end when you’re paying your bill you have empty glassware or someone’s fork is still on the table from when the meals were cleared? I know I certainly have, and in my early days of serving, I had no idea of the importance of table maintenance.

So what is table maintenance?

Table maintenance is the ongoing upkeep of your guest’s tables throughout their entire dining experience.

What’s involved in maintaining your tables?

What you’re going to be looking for is the following:

  • empty glassware (except for water glasses if they are refilled at the table)
  • dirty/used plates, side plates, and cutlery
  • dirty/used linen or napkins
  • empty condiments (replenish if necessary)
  • empty bottles (beer bottles, wine bottles, coolers, etc.)
  • general garbage like straws or wrappers etc.

By keeping your tables clean and stocked your guests are going to be a lot happier and more comfortable than if their table looks like a disaster zone with stuff everywhere.

(the big benefit to you is that when your guests leave you will have minimal cleaning to do before resetting your table for the next seating, and if you have bussers working with you then they can get your table to reset quicker so you can turn your tables faster and make more money 🙂 WOOHOO!)

It’s such a small thing to stay on top of maintaining your tables, but the end result is a smoother service period, happier tables and more cash in your hands.

I like to look at it as my section being a representation of myself, I take pride in my work and how my section looks, and that’s something a guest notices.

Just think how you would like your table to look if you were sitting there.

Have a super day!