The labour market after Coronavirus outbreak: Laboural advice and where to find a job in the UK

The dream of everybody as they attain adulthood is to have a good job that they love, in line with their passion, and can also pay their bills. Fortunately, getting a job is not often a big problem in most of the developed countries as the unemployment rates are often very low. The same applies to the United Kingdom that had an unemployment rate of just 3.8 per cent in 2019. This is as opposed to some countries across the world that has unemployment rates as high as over 30 per cent with Burkina Faso estimated to have the highest unemployment rate of as high as 77 per cent.

The year 2020 has, however, not been the best for the labour market as the coronavirus outbreak meant that so many offices, especially those that cannot continue to work from home or sustain their workforce without working, had to relieve some of their employees. Several individuals were affected including those that work in airline companies, the travel agency as well as those who do physical jobs. People were forced to stay home and it meant that many people could not make a living. Fortunately, the United Kingdom was one of the countries that we’re able to offer financial support to support about 5 million of the workforce in the country who could not work as a result of the lockdown.

With the lockdown being relaxed and people can go back to their lives, many people who could not work during the lockdown will now have to start looking for work again. Hence, the labour market during the coronavirus pandemic was that many companies had to shut down temporarily and relieve their workers of their jobs. This article will now discuss where to find a job in the UK today.

Where you were working before

If you were gainfully employed before the coronavirus outbreak, chances are that the company you were working for will want to open with the relaxation of the lockdown. You could first of all check with them to know their plan for reopening and if you are being considered as a part of the company by the time it will be reopening. The fact some companies might start with fewer staffs till things normalize could mean that not every company that reopens will immediately absorb all their staffs. There is also the fact that not every company that closed will be able to reopen. Hence, these other people will have to look for other places where they can get a job.

Companies that are opening

If your company is not retaining you or not reopening, you might want to check companies that are reopening. Depending on your qualification and your financial condition, you might want to start with a waiter job while you continue the search for the job of your dreams. Being a waiter is not a simple task but luckily is one of the most common to get if you are looking for a job. Thus, you could check restaurants opening around you and see if they need a waiter. While working as a waiter, you can continue to check other companies that are opening or looking for staff till you get a job you are comfortable with.


There are many job search platforms in the UK that you can check and even submit your CV when you are looking for work. Even if you have no qualification, we can find a lot of websites dedicated to finding jobs online with no qualification. Furthermore, most other companies also post their vacancies online and people are expected to apply online. You can continuously use the search engine to check for companies that are recruiting for positions you are interested in and you could apply.

Job search agencies

There are job search agencies with physical offices in your locality. They often know about companies close by that are looking for employees. You can register with such agencies and they will let you know if any position you would be interested in comes up. You will have to pay the agency a fee or agree to pay them a percentage of your first salary after they have helped you to secure a job.